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Step 4: Combining GPS Tracking & PredictMail on an Iridium Connection
Step 4: Combining GPS Tracking & PredictMail on an Iridium Connection
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The last step to setting up PredictMail is to combine GPS Tracking & PredictMail into one operation. By merging multiple data services into one operation, the Datahub can enhance the efficiency of the data connection. For instance, if GPS tracking is enabled, the unit can perform tasks beyond transmitting a GPS tracking report. It can also scan for messages on PredictMail. Moreover, the Iridium GO! exec imposes a minimum billing increment of 5 kb, while the position reports and message checks consume considerably less data. By consolidating these tasks and other services during each connection, significant data savings can be achieved instead of initiating a connection for each service independently. Additionally, the convenience of automating all these checks is very convenient and saves time!

This setup is done as the last step in connecting your Iridium GO, or Iridium GO exec to the DataHub. See Help Article

You're now set up to Bundle outgoing emails to be sent with your GPS tracking updates. The Iridium GO exec will automatically connect, based on your tracking interval, at which time it will send any pending emails in your Outbox, download any unread emails and send spooled tracking positions to our server.

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